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Simon Wynn Consulting provides privacy program management and fractional DPO services to global technology and e-commerce companies, helping build robust privacy programs against a landscape of continuously changing privacy regulations.


SWC provides information security program management and fractional CISO services, which include the development of end-to-end information security programs, incident management consulting, and risk assessments. We also help with ongoing vendor questionnaires and assessments to help you move your business into more compliance-focussed markets.

SWC provides consulting services that broadly cover the privacy and data protection needs of technology companies that typically don’t have the resources to fully manage and navigate the continuously changing landscape of privacy regulations, and the complex issues around information security compliance.

Our engagement model is flexible. We can consult on specific problem areas, and can also build complete privacy and data security programs. Our emphasis is on pragmatic, cost-effective solutions that increase the effectiveness of your business, and position you well against your competition. Our focus is on ensuring that once programs are in place, companies can continue to understand their obligations and follow procedures correctly.

If you are a company that requires a data protection representative
in the EU, UK or Switzerland, as required under Article 27 of the GDPR, and other regulations, we can provide these services through a partner company we work with.

Principle Consultant Simon Wynn has extensive privacy, data protection, and tech experience, including prior senior privacy roles at Meta, and is IAPP CIPP/US and CIPP/E certified.

DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers, nor a law firm and do not engage in the practice of law. Simon Wynn Consulting cannot and does not provide legal advice or legal representation. The services we perform are not intended to be a substitute for a lawyer or professional legal advice.

Simon Wynn
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