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Simon Wynn

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Simon Wynn

I have been playing bass for around 40 years, can play many styles of music, and play both electric and upright instruments. I’ve played in many bands, starting in the UK in the 80s, and then with many other bands in the US, where I currently live. 


This page includes a summary of my background and equipment, and also includes the demo reel below so you can get an idea of my playing style. The demo reel was recorded with the bass boosted in the mix, and some other instruments set back so you can hear my playing.

About Me

  • 40+ years of playing experience

  • I’m comfortable with many styles: Rock, blues, ’80s (I was there!), jazz, tribute bands, etc.

  • I play 4 and 5 string electric, fretless, Yamaha Silent Bass upright, and I even have a Fender Bass VI

  • Professional equipment, including multiple amp setups to suit the venue

  • Can work off lead sheets and sheet music (rudimentary)

  • Extensive live experience

  • Solid recording experience and Reaper (DAW) expert

  • Located in the SF Bay Area


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