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FLEX Software Archive

The FLEX Operating System was an early OS developed for systems based on the Motorola 6800 and 6809 microprocessors. It had support for up to four 5 1/4" or 8" floppy drives and ran in only 8K of RAM.

There was a large amount of commercial software developed for FLEX, including compilers for high-level languages such as Fortran and C, in addition to many utilities, tools, and text editors, etc. Much of this software is available as FLEX disk image files (or 'DSK' files) on several sites, including the FLEX User Group and the Evenson Consulting 6800/6809 Emulator site. The FLEX User Group also maintains an FTP site that contains a large quantity of FLEX and other 6800/6809/68000 related resources.

What is available on this site is likely the majority of all the DSK images currently still in existence. I performed bulk exports from the various sites I've mentioned here and then ran a script to extract all of the DSK images I could find. This resulted in 1,379 disk image files. Then I then ran a cataloging script to list the contents of each disk.


DSK Images 

A zip file of all 1,379 FLEX DSK images is available here.

A consolidated file listing for each disk image is available here.



All of this documentation is available elsewhere on the internet, but here is my consolidated collection:

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