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Welcome to my Privacy Blog

I’m planning to write about various privacy topics I encounter that will likely be of interest to fellow privacy professionals. My first blog, however, is my ‘badge post’ (Meta vernacular for a leaving message…) for my last role. Here goes.

Simon’s Year of Efficiency

As with many of my former colleagues, I was laid off from Meta back in May. I spent the last 3 years working in Central Privacy, and although I’m going to spare you all from a multi-page double-spaced manifesto, I thought I’d do a brief ‘badge post’ here, on my last official day, then talk about what I’m doing now. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I met some very smart people. I learned a lot from the excellent lawyers and policy professionals I worked with. It greatly improved my understanding of privacy, and how to build robust, user-centric solutions.

  • The designers and content professions I worked with were great. Similarly, it greatly improved my understanding of how to convey privacy concepts in design.

  • The Privacy Program Management team were excellent to work with, and for a while, working with them was one of the best jobs I’ve had.

  • I worked with some great engineers, and as an ex-engineering leader, I immediately recognized the talent and high standards.

  • That ‘Privacy’ water bottle in the picture works great! You can store ice next to the surface of the sun…

What am I doing now?

My plan all along was to re-launch my consulting practice again, however that timeline got accelerated… But I'm up and running an open for business. Many thanks to several of my previous clients for coming right back and trusting me with their privacy and data protection issues. If you have projects that I might be able to help with, please contact me, and let's discuss.

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